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Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts

Gallery Talk; A Vision of Color and Tradition, 6-8 grades, Memorial Union Gallery, November 19, Fargo ND,

As he shares his gift of art with students from area schools, Black Pinto Horse includes historical and traditional stories which captivate.

Artist Reception Presentation

Ledger Art, 7-8 grades, Twin Buttes ND, November 17

Young artists eager to hear the message....

top:  Principle, Mr. Dahlen accepting our gift to the school

....and share their own.

MEA, Montana Educators Conference, Billings MT, October 15, 2009

Monte had the teachers working hard during their day of workshops.  What beautiful stories they shared- ledger art.
Monte provided 2 ledger art workshops and a keynote

Mud Ponies, Wintercounts and Ledger Art, K- 8 , September 21-26, Belt MT

No pictures available

Warrior Shields, Mud Ponies and Wintercounts, K- 8 , December 15-18, Rye Gate MT

Warrior Shields, Mud Ponies, Wintercounts and Ledger Art, K- 12 , December 8-11, Judith Gap MT

Students gave fabulous presentations during a community event- very thoughtful and moving.


Masks, Winter Counts, Ledger Art and Mud Ponies, K-8, Bonner MT, May 11- 15

"Masks", Using clay and tools, Bonner 7th and 8th grade students create exceptional 3- D masks.

Bonner School excepting our gift of

Ledger Art and Mud Ponies, K- 12, Missoula Schools, May 4-8

Paul Ritter, Fine Arts Director(middle), was gifted an original ledger piece done by the artist.  He was a wonderful host and guide, as he took the Yellow Bird's to their locations, 10 schools within the week.  Kathy Sharbono(left) and Luanne(right) with Title VII Indian Ed. program, coordinated family night for the Native community where Black Pinto Horse presented the ledger art program.

On Friday, during a visit to Missoula's Willard Alternative High school, Yellow Bird found his comfort zone.  "I can relate to a lot of you and the struggles and difficulties that you have faced and are facing," Yellow Bird told a gathering of a couple dozen students at a small school which serves students who don't want or can't fit into Missoula's three other public high schools. 

"The alternative students are a group that I can relate to and reach a lot better than most students, because I went through a similar situation myself."

After speaking to the students about his own past and his development as an artist, he worked with them to create their own ledger art, a form of Native American artwork that emerged during the 18th century.
Quotes are taken from the Missourian, May 9
"I don't know what I'm proud of", mused freshman Gabby Alexander.  "I'm proud of myself for making it".  That's a great idea to represent", responded Yellow Bird, "So how do we describe you?"

"I'm always a happy person", Alexander replied.  "What color would represent happiness?"  Alexander thought for a moment, "Yellow."  "Yellow", said Yellow Bird, "And orange, yeah?  Now how do you describe yourself?  If you were an animal or plant what would you be?" 

"A bird", smiled Alexander.  "Why?"  "Because they are always free and they get to fly around all the time."  "And they can go a great distance without touching the ground, right?"  noted Yellow Bird.  "Yeah."

"So maybe that's what you you can think about," suggested Yellow Bird.  "A yellow bird."  Alexander busied herself with her ledger.  "I've not really thought about things like that before she said, "It's interesting to think about."

Artist in Residence, Lincoln Schools, Lincoln MT, April 20 - 24

The week began with a community and school- wide presentation given by Black Pinto Horse called, "If you're going to shine, shine brightly." He is telling the story, "The Porcupine and the Buffalo", using the sign for buffalo.  He is in the process of authoring and illustrating this traditional Arikara story.


Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts gifted the school with a Sweet Buffalo Medicine reproduction as an appreciation to the new partnership formed.  Laurie Maughan, principle, accepted the gift during the community event.

The students worked hard and were engaged as they created meaningful works of art that allowed them to think about the things that are important in their lives, the things they are proud of and future goals.

Four programs were provided to Lincoln students; Mud Ponies(K-2), Winter Counts(3-4), Warrior Shields(5-6) and Ledger Art(high school). 


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