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Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts

Mud Ponies

Oh, have I got a funny for you!!! You made the clay horses with my kindergarten class yesterday. This morning, Aspen came in with a bag of cornflakes to feed her horse!!! Later in the day, I look over at the tray where they are drying and there are a few flakes in front of Aspen's horse and a few flakes in front of Daniel's horse. Daniel's horse also has a glue stick cap turned over with WATER in it!!!!! then this afternoon, Aspen tells me that she put 10 flakes out for her horse and that now, there are 9 cornflakes!!!! what a hoot!!!   - Kindergarten teacher

Age Appropriate
Project Time
Best with lower elementary (K-3), community organizations as well team building workshops for teachers and corporation

2- 3 hours

Mud Ponies in a nut shell

Within the Mud Ponies workshop we will begin sharing our dreams and discuss the importance of dreams and their connection to goal setting and self projection.  Black Pinto Horse will render the story, "Mud Pony", a Pawnee legend, as a spring board to discuss leadership and the roles, responsibilities and characteristics of a good leader. 

Beginning the creation process, the artists will explain how to make the ponies legs and body, demonstrating the coil technique.  The pinch technique will also be shown during the creation of the neck and ears of the pony.  During this time, the students are also shown how to attach the legs and the tail to the body using the score and slip method. 

To conclude the project, students work with clay to create a “Mud Pony” and give their pony a name, presenting it to their peers.

What are your learning objectives for students and/or community members in the residency?  (What do you want them to know and be able to do at the end of the residency?)
  • Students will be able to use the coil and pinch technique to create a 3- dimensional Mud Pony
  • Students will be able to attach the three-dimensional clay parts of their horse using the methods of scoring and slipping to create a Mud Pony
  • Students will be able to present their Mud Pony to their classmates and share with them their Pony’s name and a leadership characteristic

How will you assess whether the students/community members learned what you wanted them to know and be able to do?

Lower elementary students will shape ponies of clay and attach the parts of the pony using the score and slip method- if the parts of the pony remain intact, these techniques were followed properly.  Their pony will contain the parts of a horse, including four legs, mane, tail and body.  Each pony will exhibit a leadership characteristic, which they will share with their peers during the presentation of their Mud Pony. 

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