Elk Medicine; Calling all angels
This ledger is designed on an antique document; Assessment Roll of School District #1 of Silver Bow County, Montana, for the year of 1890. depicting the calling of female elk by a bull elk during mating season. Traditionally to many northern native tribes, elk represents "Love Medicine". in this composition the 6 female elk symbolize the sacred direction; South, West, North, East, Heaven and Mother earth. The Bull Elk included with the female denote the 7, which is the 7th generation in which we are currently present in today. The Elk are pictured with a blue and red arrow coming from their mouth to their heart, a sign of "the breathe of life". A border of triangles or Parfleche designs frame out the overall image. Parfleche designs are geometric abstract designs that among most tribes were painted by women and the word Parfleche is a french derivative that describes "to paint on flesh". Within the overall design two styles of flowers are integrated among the elk, first a stylistic pictograph set of flowers that are  from the Crow tribe and a more realistic set of flower including the Bitterroot a Montana state flower and the purple mountain aster that symbolizes patience and elegance.  Four Blue Stars/crosses headline the ledger to represent 4 sacred directions and heavenly ancestors.