Bulgling the Song of Elk Medicine
Colored Pencil on original ledger, Collected for the Year 1912, Montana
Created 2015

Designed on a antique ledger from Silver Bow County, Montana 1912 cir. with colored pencils and ink, "Bugling the song of elk medicine" brings together the songs of courtship for the North American Elk, or Wapiti, and young warrior suitor with their would be loves.

Staged among the Indian Paintbrush and Blue Mountain Asters in the early fall, an albino (holy) bull elk sends out his call to the female cow herds, announcing his majestic voice to seed future generations. Seven butterflies become the couriers of this love medicine, carrying the message from his voice to their ears.

Opposite of the Wapiti is the young warrior playing the courtship song of love and partnership to a young maiden's heart as she stands among the seven Holy Ones(stars). The red-headed woodpecker(Pileated) is a power that transforms the romantic message to all the elements (wind, rain, sun etc..).