The Home of Little Red Star is a depiction of a tipi/Lodge standing alone on the prairie surrounded by a majestic mountain range under the light of a Pink full moon. This breathtaking, quiet scene is intended to symbolically illustrate a child (pictured as lodge), making his/her way in the world while grandparents (painted symbolically as the mountains and full moon) look on with hope. The mountains depicted in the background reference the Stone Nation or Grandfathers, a powerful, divine, fraternal presence that has been around long before mankind and will continue to be around long after. Above the mountains and the lodge is a portrayal of the full moon or Grandmother Moon, a significant divine celestial power that sits above to bring light in the darkness while the sun sleeps. I wanted to create this piece for those who remember their grandparents, or those who didn’t remember them, those who wish they had them, anyone who was a single grandparent or is a grandparent, those raised by their grandparents, those who had a great experience or didn’t, those who wish they could of done more and to those who felt alone and humbled themselves to the divine grandparents provided by our Creator.