Sending Love to All the Flowers of thw World

Surrounded in a pink circle of love and trimmed by an inner red accent, embodies all the flowers (people) that are open to it's melody. The warrior courting, is mounted on his trusted painted steed, adored with a blue outline to signify sacredness.

Three eagle feathers are attached to his courting flute to denote the past, present and future generations.  The overall flute is skillfully crafted and fashioned with a Mallard duck effigy. The spiritual influence of the Mallard duck is that it keeps it's children in order and can fly anywhere in the world where there is water, to make its home.  Thus the love that is sent out by this traditional troubadour is represented by the flight of four hummingbirds to the flowers of the world.

In the lower corner, a group of mountain and plains flowers are illustrated to personify, that although we may come from different walks of life, we have similar needs to live life fully; 1- Prairie Rose, 6- Mountain Asters and 7-Forget-Me-Nots are symbolically numbered depicting the mountains, plains, the seven generations, and four directions, Mother Earth and the heavens present.

The outside border is embellished with 13 blue and pink lodges for the number of full moons and references the maternal powers of the grandmother moon. Overlooking this image in each top corner, are two geometric (war bonnet) designs.  They acknowledge that "The Chief That Sits Above" watches over us always.