First Strike

This piece is a tribute to the gathering of many nations on the Standing Rock Reservation, as a unified voice that stood physically, side by side as well as those who supported from the outside with prayer, to protect the sacred water, ancient burial sites and human rights from the destruction of the BLACK SNAKE prophecy. More importantly to all the woman warriors who were the foundation of this historic event and are the cornerstone of all societies in the world.

The black snake represents the pipe line project and company.  Black circles surrounded by gray represent supporters of the black snake that can’t see the light through the darkness and uncertainty.

Illustrated above are four lodges representing each direction; north, east, south and west and the powers associated with them.  Seven women pictured just below the lodges, offer their gifts and prayers.  One is holding a child to acknowledge the seventh generation and future generations.

A woman warrior dressed in blue signifies the sacred water and holiness.  She is shooting a red arrow into the black snake.  This represents the first strike by the nations, imposed by humans through their protest.  While in her quiver is a blue arrow.  This means the second strike will be by nature.